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whatsnext   in reply to Libby3   on

Comment: I need money fast. Currently...

this is not something I would normally do is ask for money but in my situation things are hard I came to another country 6 years ago and things start out really well I don't speak the language here and I work in construction and 54 years old well that took its toll because now my back is bad and I don't live with my family because there's no money I need money to eat
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help in time of need, give: Im part of a fairly new organization i co started!!!!! Its called SHARE

Im part of a fairly new organization i co started!!!!! Its called SHARE's an organization to help any in need. Our goal is to put food in empty cupboards, clothes and shoes on every human without or in need, and most important and main purpose; to give raised money and or help any affected by this recession. We do the begging for those in poverty....cause they feel humiliated and lower than ever already!!!!! If u would like to contribute and take the boulder off a needy shoulder then hit donate, prayers acceptable gifts as well. Thank you all. Donate button/DONATION LINK located BELOW just click the paypal donation link....waoh wish you the best:-) ;-) :-P :-$ :-D e
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Hungry, hungry: I am a single guy can't seem to have enough money to bye food at the end of the month .

I am a single guy can't seem to have enough money to bye food at the end of the month .
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Thegangles   in reply to Thegangles   on


Today I'm afraid I won't be able to buy puppy pads, or groceries, or my brain pills.
I frequently go blind and have dreadful headaches. My doctors ran an MRI and still don't know what's wrong with me.
I can't afford to prevent them anymore.
I will be starting my yearly seasonal job this week.
I'm hoping ill get paid cash for setting up the store. Otherwise my baby will go hungry and so will I. :(
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homeless, struggling: I came across this site trying to find the number for my local srs help line. So I'm not

I came across this site trying to find the number for my local srs help line. So I'm not sure I truly understand the way it works, but it's worth a shot. I am cogently homeless, jobless, carless, & moneyless. I had all these things in abundance until about five days ago when I had to leave the man I was dating sure to an unhealthy relationship. It was necessary to get out then or get hutt or I woulda planned it a little better. he would not let me take the truck I'd been making the payments on cause like a dummy, we got the loan in his name. So needless to say I'm couch hopping, and don't know where my next meal is coming from! Sad and cliche I know, bit true. Anything will help and I'm a harder if trade is necessary. Thanks.
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Hungry: CHILDREN IN NEED OF HELP...Please if there is anyone who could help me in my situation. I

CHILDREN IN NEED OF HELP...Please if there is anyone who could help me in my situation. I am 30 and I am just getting on my own with my 4 month old daughter & 7 year old son. I have relied on their dad for all of my financial stability but sadly that can no longer be the case due to his physical and drug abuse. I was almost homeless until one of his family members offered me an apartment to live in with free rent for 3 months to give me time to find a job. I receive very little in support, just enough to buy food and don't know how I am going to manage utilities for which I am responsible. I tried to apply for state assistance & was basically turned away although did receive some assistance for food and I also received WIC since my daughter was premature. I am behind $1700 in credit card debt & my children still need clothes & diapers. My license is currently suspended for overdue tickets & it will cost me $1500 to re-instate, not that I can afford insurance on my car but I need both in order to transport my children to their appointments, etc... My cell phone is currently shut off as I can not pay the $50 a month needed & not having one makes it difficult to even apply to a job! My daughter doesn't even have a mattress for her crib. In fact we have no furniture, we are sleeping on two twin mattresses. My son has 5 outfits her rotates through & just outgrew his last pair of pants. His sneakers have holes in them. The baby's clothes are easier to come by & I have been surviving w/my son by taking out of lost & found boxes but he asked me the other day not to do that because it embarrasses him. He doesn't want to invite friends over, not that he really could since they have nothing to play with or watch & I have no way to contact the parents. It hurts so bad to see my children in pain, I cry for them every nite. I am grateful we have a safe roof over our heads but they do not deserve to be punished for my inadequacy.

I don't know if there is anyone out there who could help me, even if its not much, I have a Paypal account that I haven't used in years that I'm going to use for this. I pray that someone who can help me sees this. If you can donate anything to my Paypal the email address is I am not looking just for money I will accept any type of assistance one can offer.

Please help me change my life for the better for my children. I pray that everyone gets a little peace of mind. Thank you so much for any help or prayers sent my way. Thank you, I'm praying for miracles.
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Need comfort:I am a young Senior and I am desperate for help to stay in my house. I

I am a young Senior and I am desperate for help to stay in my house. I constantly looking for work and had many interviews but nothing. I am experienced in the accounting field but have come face to face with tremendous age discrimination, I have a mortgage and ran into bad debt. The bank refuses to modify. Trying hard not to file for bankruptcy but the fight is getting tougher. If anyone has ever filed for bankruptcy, what can I expect besides a zero credit score for 10 years.
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Hungry: no money an no food, is really hungry

no money an no food, is really hungry
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pink soda  

hungry: Does anybody know where they are giving out foodbaskets in the Fresno, CA area? I went to

Does anybody know where they are giving out foodbaskets in the Fresno, CA area? I went to St. James church which usually gives out on webs. But they are closed today?
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Just out of curiousity.....has anyone ever received help through this website? Food alone would be fabulous! Tonight......I am SO hungry!

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Food and Shelter

Hey. I am an 18 year old girl in need of food and shelter. I live on the streets. Sleeping where I can and eating what I can. It is a struggle and hope to have a place to stay until I get back on my feet. I will do WHATEVER you say in return for food and shelter. :)
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Is it wrong to want to steal a loaf of bread to feed your children

I live my life with my hands open id give u my lunch b4 i ate ( do thaat with my children often these days) I was trying to help s/o in need and she soaked my family dry robbed everything u can think of. Iv been single and no sex or interaction 4 the past 6 yrs. i focused on woking ang children aug 6th i lost my job i loved. A racist, athiest mean manager was hired after i was there for 8 months he made my life and other employes lives missarabe. I just kept juggin most people quit or would tell him off im to shy for that. Eventualy he saw i wasnt leasving he took me off the schedule, i went to unemployment and thought now i will have s/o to listen but when the woman who decides told me yes or no answers only. now i have to wait for her dision. I pray the lord touches her heart.
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below poverty stricken
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help us need food

we need food my kids are hungry have no food feed my kids please someone help us have no money
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...long day

Well, i'm homeless, and have no money for food. Dunno what to do...all the food banks require ID, and I don't have one.
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In need of food

I'm a college student in dire need of food money. With depth and bills I can't afford to buy food and it's nearly impossible to land a job where I live. I've tried to get a part time job for the past two months but it's not working. If anyone could please help me with purchasing food I would greatly appreciate it. Every little bit helps.I have a paypal account to make it easy.

God bless all of you with equal or worse hardships through these hard times.
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Aidpage Open Letter: DO YOU HAVE FOOD TO EAT?

To the attention of:

Barack Obama, US President;
Jerry Brown, Governor of California;
US Senators from California: Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein;
US Representatives from California: Adam B. Schiff, Anna G. Eshoo, Barbara Lee, Bob Filner, Brad Sherman, Brian P. Bilbray, Dana Rohrabacher, Daniel E. Lungren, Darrell E. Issa, David Dreier, Dennis A. Cardoza, Devin Nunes, Doris O. Matsui, Duncan Hunter, Edward R. Royce, Elton Gallegly, Fortney Pete Stark, Gary G. Miller, George Miller, Grace F. Napolitano, Henry A. Waxman, Howard L. Berman, Howard P. "Buck" McKeon, Jackie Speier, Jane Harman, Jeff Denham, Jerry Lewis, Jerry McNerney, Jim Costa, Joe Baca, John Campbell, John Garamendi, Judy Chu, Karen Bass, Ken Calvert, Kevin McCarthy, Laura Richardson, Linda T. Sanchez, Lois Capps, Loretta Sanchez, Lucille Roybal-Allard, Lynn C. Woolsey, Mary Bono Mack, Maxine Waters, Michael M. Honda, Mike Thompson, Nancy Pelosi, Sam Farr, Susan A. Davis, Tom McClintock, Wally Herger, Xavier Becerra, Zoe Lofgren;

To all who will listen:

I am scared for the first time in my life. I am 54 years old and ALWAYS had some form of income and good job and felt secure. I now find myself, one who has lost her home, collecting unemployment and only eating once a day. I do not qualify for cash aid or food stamps, I eat food from food shelters. I am sick but dont have insurance. I have a bad tooth but dont have means to get it fixed. I cry all the time, I called Dept of Social services ot get my liense to do child care, but there is a six month waiting list, but sure enough if I do it witout having a licence I will be in trouble. I dont like not working, I do not like feeling hungry and sad. My daughter works part time and go to school fulltime, and barely maknig it. She is so sad, yet she worries more for me. I need to be on my thyroid medicine but have no money for it. I tired getting a grant to start a co op child care center, but have not had any success on HOW to find one. I am not uneducated, I am not lazy, but surely someone need to listen and help me. LISTEN TO US, HELP US, SET UP PLACES TO GO FOR HELP, CREATE NEW JOBS AND TEACH US SO WE AN OFFER SOME HOPE FOR US. I am ready for a change, and not happy at all with any of you. Are you all eating well? Do you have gas money to get around? Do you have high hopes for this economy? Do you have medical insurance and dental insurance? Do you have even a bottle of aspirin in your home? Is your electricity turned on? Do you have a phone for someone to call you for an interview? Do you have heat and air? I have sold anything of worth, but now what do I do this month?

These simple thigs have been stripped from hard working people and yet the creditors are extremely relentless. Yet they get mad if we dont keep them posted.

I live in Riverside County and let me say this, IF i had the money I would move out of state real quick, but I an stuck, stuck stuck.



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patience, patience, patience

Hello out there, boy oh boy am I burnt out. I have been running around like a chicken with his head lopted off. I am hungry, lonely, and tired, what's a guy to do ? I have been shopping the past few days getting stuff for an apartment I don't have yet. It is just in limbo until this program called HPRP gets aproval to pay my security deposit,first months rent and turn on the utilities. This process takes roughly 30 days and I am growing impatient. I have waited 17 months, a few day shouldn't matter but I find myself just ready and everyday stuff seems to piss me off more than usual. Anyway I know I am whinning, but heh at least I can do it hear instead of bothering some stranger on the bus.LOL Well I have to go for now because I need to fill out an application for a job working for the federal government, wish me luck. EZDUZITJOEY (:
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soo hungry

I wish I could find a food angel. The food pantries are closed and we live far away from any place that helps and I do not have anyone to help. We are out of food until I get paid on the 4th and we are so hungry. I wish I could find someone to help I only need 25 dollars and I do have a prepaid card if anyone out there can help. I have a netspend card and if anyone could get me a reload pack, I have paypal as well. I just want to get milk, bread, hamburger, hotdogs, and something to drink. Thank you anyone that read this, any help would make my family so greatful. We live in florida

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